Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Germies and more

Last week we mentioned that we had some bugs from preschool. Boy did they multiple. It has for sure caused a HUGE chaos in our house. When mom gets sick no one knows what to do. Including me!

D has had a WHOLE month of being sick and we were just getting everything back on track. He had one last test to finish at the hospital and then we would be all done! Tyler got sick and that didn't last horribly long. He seems to have bounced back pretty well. I am guessing that the bug wasn't exactly the same that we passed to each other.

On Saturday I felt fine. Saturday night I woke in the middle of the night with a scratchy throat. Sunday I felt really yucky and come Monday I wondered if I was sporting a strep throat. Ty was SUPER restless on Monday so we opted to have a pic pic ( Ty's word for Picnic!) and we headed to the park. It worked well for me because he plays so well on his own at the park.

As we sat at the park I realized just how rotten I REALLY felt. As Ty was walking across the drawbridge he fell and fell OFF and landed pretty hard. It was a good thump. I freaked and ran across the park and scooped him up. It was pretty scary. I thought for sure he landed on his head.

He was fine. But I wasn't. I felt HORRIBLE.

Tuesday was D's appointment and I sat with him throughout it. I was sitting there and realized we had scheduled Ty's birthday party on Saturday. We have been telling him that he was going to have a party in 2 Saturdays. Since I am not feeling well and the house needs a HUGE dejunking.

I went to bed feeling pretty horrible last night and woke up feeling even worse. Tyler got up around 4 am and I knew that I really needed to get moving. I tried to convince Tyler that he should go back to sleep but he told me his Tummy was hungry. When I told him it was still night he laid with me whispering " hungry, hungry." So we got up.

I tried super hard to be awake and feel all better but after about 2 hours I couldn't stay awake any more. It was a BAD night. D was nice enough to go down with Ty and let me sleep. I got up in time to get him dressed and then I headed back to bed. Sitting up makes my ears feel like they are plugged and underwater and me feel SUPER dizzy.

When Ty got home I decided to call the doc and get in. We took off and went to get checked. Sure enough the bug I have is a sinus infection and a ear infection. I feel horrible. At least the meds will kick in. I just hope they hurry and kick in my house gets cleaned.

Stay tuned for the party store!

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Grandma Labrum said...

What can I bring to the party? Hope you start feeling better.