Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Trip To the Party Store

On Tuesday we left Dallas to recoup at the house and Tyler and I went to the party store. We have talked about parties, read books about parties and show movies about parties. He is SOO ready to have a party. He said the other day he wanted Hot Dogs at his party. What a difference a year makes. With words it is much more fun to bombard him with questions about his party.

The party store has every kind of party stuff imaginable. Because we had already heard about his dying desire to have a Mickey Mouse party we went in search of all things Mickey Mouse. He saw the Minnie Mouse stuff that looked like his birthday cards that he sent out and he go them and put them in the cart. Then he pretty much went nuts with all the other stuff there. He kept saying " Wow, pretty cool mom!" He would take the candles and pretend to blow them out. It was a HUGE hit and we spent way to much money.

One other item we were in search of was a beach ball and a jump rope. We found a globe that blew up so we got that and we found a jump rope for Tyler. He carries the beach ball map around the house. So I thought I would teach him a few things. He knows where Russia is and China and where Wheel of Fortune is at. ( Las Vegas!)

After trying to find all of the party stuff we stopped and ordered his cake and he is so excited that he got to pick it out. He is LOVING it.

Today when we asked him what his party was going to be like he said " Hot Dogs, Mickey mouse and cake."

He has is Right. Cake and Mickey mouse. Come ready for Limbo, and games!

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