Sunday, September 12, 2010

I heart Faces entry

It has been a VERY long time since I have decided to participate in a contest over at I Heart Faces. The theme this week is Vrroom Vrrrom. Being that it is getting close to Tyler's birthday, I have been looking back over some photos of my grown up baby.

So I am entering one of his photos from last year that I took. Nothing beats a little boy and his Radio Flyer!
A little bit of *his* story. Tyler has Cerebral Palsy. We bought this bike so he could learn to ride and participate in the neighborhood. What we didn't know was that riding a "normal" bike would prove to be to difficult. Tyler needs an adaptive tricycle. He doesn't have one just yet because even with a discount of 50% the bike out of pocket is our cost. The bike is $700. Tyler can't keep his feet on the pedals on this bike even with adaptations but we REALLY wanted him to have a * normal* chance at what the other kids were doing. He was so happy as we pushed him around the neighborhood. He was ringing his bell and the other kids would take turns pushing him.

Some day I will get him a Rifton bike but for now we settle on looking back a year ago to a time when we innocently thought for a brief moment we were like everyone else!

A boy with a Radio Flyer!

P.S. Click on the photo to make it larger!


Britney said...

love it! what's better than I boy and his bike :) oh the adventures he'll have. (great shot)

Deanna said...

Such a sweet shot. You an see how much he's enjoying his bike. I had the same ones for my twin boys and loved having the ability to push them around as needed.

EB said...

Beautiful shot! My girls like their bikes too. And the speed!

Erika B

Alex and Emily said...

What a sweet photo and an adorable boy! Thanks for sharing his story. What an encouragement your family is!

Brenda Edwards said...

Oh, what a sweet photo! You can tell he loved the bell!! You are great parents and he is a blessed little boy.

Amy said...

what a beautiful and sweet picture. good luck getting the bike. I can't believe it is that much!

Tori said...

He is such a cutie! It sounds like you are providing such an encouragine environment. Good luck getting his bike!