Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You remember this?

SERIOUSLY! A little more comfortable. Who are you KIDDING!

And Really doesn't it look like the chicks are gonna kiss... Yeah that is comfortable.

Anyone in their right mind can tell you a landing strip in their undies is not MUCH more comfortable. The only thing more uncomfortable would be an aircraft!


A few weeks ago I posted THIS and we went in and got the shot. The dysfunctional stuff has now turned into HELL! Along with some other things that have come up I am really really struggling. Emotionally it is really hard to understand that something you were designed to do doesn't really "work." It is hard to just sit in pain every single day physically and then add an emotional stressor with it. The Depo lupron has taken me for a ride along with all the other things that I was not expecting.

I really should have tried super hard to buy stock in Kotex!

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