Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost out of options

The bug hasn't quite left. I had to experience my own version of it and I am about ready to have it GONE! Hopefully Dallas is home free. Ty has been coughing and gagging and this afternoon was just plain crabby. I never know when to "freak" about his sickness. Usually I can stay pretty calm especially when it isn't his shunt but this is getting old.

Therapy was canceled by 2 therapist today so we all decided to go about our business. I have been interviewing with Biomat for phlebotomy which we have decided isn't going to work for me right now. So instead of doing stuff with that I headed to Payson. Dallas was helping his dad set up his apple TV so I took Tyler up there and left.

This is where my blog tittle comes in. We are almost out of options. I am sick. Have been for awhile. Something happened this month that made me REALLLLY sick. Along with just being a girl I have dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Which means they can't get it to stop. Impressive huh. It sucked. Those who have endometriosis know that bleeding equals PAIN and lots of it. I was going nuts. One month of bleeding is NOT my idea of "working."

So how do you get it to stop? Depo lupron. Yep.. a shot. A NASTY shot. it is a BIG shot and it goes in your but and it makes you a hungry, menopausal, hot hormonal lady. This one only last three months so in three months we can re-evaluate our options.

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