Monday, February 1, 2010

He is acting weird

Tyler has never asked to take anything to bed but we couldn't get Eyeore away from him. So he covered Eyeore up and slept with him all night. Seriously loving this pretend play stuff~!

So after the Tyler is sick post a few things have kept up that we REALLY have enjoyed. Like sleep! Knock on wood. Tyler has been sleeping in past 7 and sometimes I have to wake him up at 8! YES REALLY!

~Rewind to his doc appointment: you know the initial complaint list ours was Tyler is sleeping to much. HAHA~

It seems upping his meds at night has helped tremendously and the kid is doing much better. The ENT says yes they are still coming out but waiting till school is out is a good option for us. ( IE hopefully some extra hands on deck)

The weird part is the random times he will just bust out in a huge full on giggle and belly laugh. He will be sitting in his chair or doing something and just start laughing. Sometimes that laugh results in falling over. He is laughing so hard.

2 weeks ago in primary he got kicked out because he was not sitting down and would go to the door and try to open it. ( hooray for God not having lever doors) He can't turn regular knobs so instead of disrupting they brought him to me. Well this week when I went to get him he was just hanging out and his teacher said he was so funny. They would be doing their activity and lesson and he would jabber and then LAUGH hysterically and then the whole class would be laughing. They LOVE this kid. ( so do we!)

Today, I had a really bad day and I am lucky to have gotten out of bed and in clothes. He must have sensed something because he has made me laugh all day.

I love that I have a good kid. I love that I love him. I love that he is mine.

* PS. Apparently he can read because he was up at 4am. I put him back in our bed and I left for my make shift air matress bed and he was laughing hysterically till I had him come lay with me and watch a movie..... I wish he couldn't read.*


Angie said...

We can totally relate to the laughing thing. Makayla does that ALL the time. Sometimes I wish I could have just one little peek into her head to see what is so hilarious. Lately, all you have to do is mention the name "Curious George" (because she absolutely LOVES that show) and she bursts into laughter. I love it as well. Sometimes you wonder why all kids and adults can't see the funny little things in life that these kids do? Hope your day is going a little better today!

Melissa said...

That totally made me laugh!!!