Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Follow to a T

Since our sickness I have been impatiently waiting for my Tyler to come back. Minus the sleeping problems. ( boo on 4 am!) The last few days he has really been SUPER good. I feel super lucky. Every now and then I will be out of the room to hear a hysterical laugh coming. Being curious, I try to sneak down and see where and why!

Randomly the Why will be because he is stuck under his trampoline in our living room ( yes we have a trampoline in the living room) and he thinks it is funny. Other times it is TOTALLY random and usually he is laughing so hard he falls over.

Monday in forcing myself to stay out of my bed and wallow in self pity I packed up Tyler and I and headed out to American Fork ( I KNOW... we go far) to surprise Dallas and beg him to come to a exotic Burger king lunch with us. So we waited patiently. In true Tyler fashion he was laughing hysterically over NOTHING.

So today I was cleaning and a song came on The Super Sleuths and Ty was no where to be found. I started to head downstairs when I saw him WALKING upright on the stairs, singing the song. The words " very simple rules, you follow to a Tee, and a perfect hundred acre woods it can be!" and it repeats a few times. So as he is walking up the stairs he stops on the Tee and points to himself and says "T" and goes up a stair and stops and says "can be" The words. THE REAL WORDS!

We get excited and wait for Dallas to get home and sure enough big smile on his face Tyler does it for his dad. Then we get ready to get in the tub and after Tyler plays monkey's, laughs and gets tickled to death Tyler takes shows us his button, and his new word "BOOBS" and he gets in the tub.

He plays and does well all alone and all of a sudden we hear MOM... He NEVER says that to get us in there and I get in there and he says GO. Usually he signs all done.

A communication burst is coming. Slowly coming. Plus who can resist his little laugh! I can't!


Grandma Labrum said...

What a cute picture of Tyler! I bet it was exciting to see him climbing the stairs. Watch out now, you might not find him any more! What a giant step to be saying real words! And I wonder where he heard that new word of his? Fun, fun, fun.

Preemie Miracle said...

He heard it from us. We were teaching him body parts. Not sure what else to call his boobs but boobs.

Pam said...