Friday, January 8, 2010

The man at the Grocery store

I always thought I would know what to say. Always wondered if I would be witty, smart mouthed or even offended. I even wondered if anyone would say anything.

Of course that was when he was tiny. When he looked just like any other little baby. ( minus a few battle wounds on his head and oxygen) But he looked just like any other kiddo.

After Shunt surgery we often had looks or stares, especially when we had bad hair cuts done by neurosurgeons but really not many people come right out and say something or ask. Usually it is a point and a whisper or a loud look at that.

Sometimes in the store you have a nice old lady who tries to get Tyler to talk to her and he usually just waves and no words. A quick explanation that he doesn't talk but his name is Tyler usually suffices.

But not yesterday.

While we were waiting in line ( at the SLOWEST lady in walmart) A man started talking to Tyler. Ty was unusually friendly and started kinda babbling to him. His babbling isn't really "words" or even sounds of words but one sound. The man was very nice and kept trying to engage Tyler. Then came the big question.

What is wrong with him?

It was innocently asked. And I surprised myself. I wasn't even remotely upset or offended. In fact it was refreshing.

His question started about his eyes ( like I said we were really in the slowest line at Walmart) He asked if Ty's eye was a lazy eye. My explanation: " No he is almost legally blind so his eye moves to compensate for some of his eye sight being damaged." He asked how it happened. My answer again was simple.. He was born way to early. His questions persisted. I explained Tyler was born just under 2 pounds. The man looked at me and said,
" Wow, I have never met a mom raising a miracle."

He turned around and told another lady behind him that Ty was one pound when he was born. He was so proud to share that MY kid was a miracle.

A few blog posts that I have seen recently has had some really mean things regarding feelings of raising a special kiddo like Tyler. YES, my child has many disabilities. Yes, as we get older he "looks" like he has many disabilities. Some days I am fine with it, other days I could do without our *issues.* But just like a stranger, my son is a miracle.

Every single milestone makes me smile. Every single missed milestone made me cry. He is a wonderful kid and is doing so much. I am thankful for the things he is doing and hope to see him grow and learn and advance. Will things still make me cry? yep! Will I still wish for talking and long drawn out sentences? Yep! I won't ever stop hoping for that day when he does all those things that I dreamed he would do.

After 4 years and million tears and a long walk in the world of Holland I can say that the trip has its beauties!
Did you know that I am lucky enough to be raising a miracle?

Ask the guy at the grocery store!


Diana said...

Nancy, that is so COOL! Sometimes the Lord puts just the right person in just the right place. :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful experience! And what an excellent 'stranger' for you to run into today. Thank you for sharing!

The Henrys said...

What a wonderful moment. Try to keep this in your mind and remember it when you do have bad moments.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing! I am glad that you had that good experience. It is interesting that the thing I worry about more than almost anything else is how people will treat Lucy. I am so happy to hear an encouraging story,

~NICKY~ said...

Ty IS a miracle! and just for clarification.. I was at the slowest line at walmart yesterday!

Creative Mish said...

That is one of the best comments I think I've ever heard! Imagine how special God must think you are to give you a Miracle!

Andrea, Mrs. said...

What a GREAT post. Glad you had a good experience! :-D

April Mitchell said...

What a great post! He is a miracle and you are the amazing mother blesses to raise him.

Dreamer said...

Wow, you really are raising a miracle. I have a niece that was born at 24 weeks and she weighed 1 lb 10 oz. She is a miracle, too! She's 18 now and has had her share of medical problems. She, too, is legally blind.

When she was about 10 years old their family was having FHE on Monday evening. They were going around the circle and everyone was telling about something they were thankful for that week. My sweet little niece said, "I'm thankful that mommy had enough faith to keep me alive with all of her prayers."

She still has major problems, she always will, but she got the chance to be here on earth, just as is our Father in Heavens plan for us.

You must be one faithful momma!
P.S. Found you from MMB!

Ambrosia said...

What an an amazing and touching story. My two youngest siblings were both born 9 weeks early. I am astounded when I think about the miracles surrounding their births.

Thank you for sharing this sweet story.

Smileyhappychan said...

Thank you for sharing that amazing story! I'm not usually a commenter, but I still have tears in my eyes. What a kind man!

PS Found you from MMB

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I think that motherhood done right is always a miracle in itself, but you and the man in the store are both right-- you and your son have a special claim on the word. Thanks for sharing your story!

Alysha said...

That was beautiful. My husband is looking at me wondering why on earth I am crying at my computer right now. Thanks.

Amber Lynae said...

That is a beautiful post, and memory.

momtofourgirls.Kari said...

What a beautiful story! I think sometimes us mama's from Holland get into a protection mode and forget that maybe.... others are just curious! What a sweet man and I love how his comment was a lesson to all of us to share our miracles. It looks like that man did exactly what we all hope for our kids- saw who Ty really is and not let his "disabilities" define him :) thanks for sharing!!