Monday, January 11, 2010

A whitty post about Therapy

Ty attends therapy in Salt Lake City at the Shriner's Hospital EVERY single Monday. We usually get 3 therapies but today was just 2. But today we made excellent strides in BOTH! Our incredibly expensive health insurance won't give us but 12 visits a YEAR for therapy so we need the other "options" given at Shriner's.

The bad part of that, I don't LOVE his speech. But will take it because, well, we don't SPEAK! He struggles with participating with her and he doesn't like her to touch him.

He did really well with his transition. So I really felt that today was going to be a good session with her. I went in with him initially to show her the Alphabet song he sings and so that she can hear the vowel sounds we are working really really hard on. I always walk away with her saying " That's nice but he is is missing some key points here." Like I don't realize he is not getting "THE WHOLE WORD"

Tyler wanted to play the games she had set out and he really likes the Barney match game. He still won't let her touch him to have her show him how the word sounds so he will whine as he plays but overall he is doing really well.

OT transition was the best we have had. Chris really plays into his sensory issues. So he gets LOTS of swing time, jumping and that makes it easier for him to sit down at the desk to do his fine motor skills. He did great today.

Today was a good therapy day. They don't always go that way. Savoring the days that DO go that way!

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