Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snotty Noses

After our wonderful party this weekend we have all taken to loving Kleenex. Or I have taken to love Kleenex and Ty has gone the more kid friendly route of letting it run down his nose and crusty right at the edge. Its so raw and red for him. I feel bad. His throat has had to have hurt this week cause his voice is kinda soft and scratchy. We have yet to have a fever so our hope is that the cold will run its course without digging into those unhealthy lungs of his and move on past FAST!

Dallas is also participating in the booger fest but has not taken to complaining quite like me. He has sat down in his office working hard with his feet warming in his slippers and me slipping Tylenol cold down the stairs as often as I can.

Dallas has worked so hard for us the last month and has been the sole parent 3 days a week ( which ends on Friday!) And hopefully the mess of germs we have will be gone.

The winter weather is upon us and we are ill prepared I think. The weather itself seems a Little cold but it was such a welcome change from Arizona's heat. Now I get to shop for a Coat... For 3 coats actually!

SO to sum up the week, snotty noses, snow on the bench, the dying need to have a coat for the winter and prayers that I pass my class.

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Amber said...

I'm glad I wasn't invited to your snot fest. I hope you all feel better soon. I wish our hot weather was over with. Hopefully it will be cold by the time Christmas arrives. Good luck with your your last week of school. As Pres. Quist always said 'Sprint to the Finish!'. SLY!!!!!