Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Party!

This weekend we had Tyler's birthday party. It turned out pretty good. We were so thankful to be close to family this year and was glad that the family that made it could come.

Ty was a little more on the mean side Friday night and Saturday he was a little off but we didn't figure out why till a little later. He has some how caught a cold. I am sure it was from school but we could have been carrying some little bug. (Had we known we would have canceled.) But need less to say we had a good time and hopefully everyone washed their hands ( and I informed all guests we were boogery as a nice gesture)

The week was a really good one and we were so excited to go get Tyler's cake on Saturday morning. We had him watching Barney Birthday for a week so he would "get" birthday's. We bought a sheet cake to feed the rest of our guests because we were under the impression that his real was only suppose to feed ten people.

Saturday morning as we were getting things ready for the party we heard Ty playing, a thump and then more playing. Dallas and I were upstairs and he headed down to see what was going on. Ty had some how gotten on the cupboard and pulled off the sheet cake onto the floor. Luckily the plastic cover was on and taped so it just made the frosting look awful. I was SOOOO glad it was not the "real" cake.

I tried to fix the frosting and left to get his cake. It was the PERFECT cake for Tyler. A girl that I grew up with ( ok I grew up she was still little) but she does cakes and does an amazing job. Let me know if you want one and I will pass on her info! But we asked her to do a Rocket cake.

I brought the cake in and we set up a few of his party things and he was in Rocket heaven. Rocket was EVERYWHERE.

When people started to come he played with the boys in the ball pit and then got a little overwhelmed and wanted to just watch a movie. That is when I noticed the real boogies coming on. Still no fever though! We sang happy birthday and he "blew" out the candles that wouldn't stay lit and he opened presents.

He had such a good time. I can't believe he is 4!

* A funny bday story: On Barney Birthday baby Bop keeps bringing up the secret Cake. Every time the word cake is mentioned they tell her SHHH its a secret. So whenever cake was talked about he would say SHHH... He has been super cute! I think it is going to be a LONG few months with Halloween Barney and Barney Christmas!


Amber said...

I am SO GLAD he had such a great birthday!!!! Maybe Barney will come out with Barney New Years and Valintines? HAHAHA!!!! SLY!!!!

Melissa said...

That cake was amazing! I am glad he was able to have his party, even if he ended up not feeling well. I hope he is doing OK now and not worse!

Josephine said...

That cake is amazing! I love it! I bet Tyler loved it too :) I hope he had a happy birthday, and I hope everyone in your house feels better soon