Friday, October 2, 2009


What a week! We are still recuperating from the sickies this week and man let me tell ya! I almost didn't survive yesterday or Tuesday.

Yesterday was the first day that Ty did NOT get a nap. Oh my heavens. BAD idea! But by the end of the day not only was I sad that Ty didn't get a nap I was sad Dallas didn't get a nap. I was so over this sickness that I decided to just get up and call for a doc appointment for Dallas today and I didn't even get an argument when I sent the message to him with the date and time ( and NO I didn't tell him I sent it IM!) He is sick sick and having a sick husband and having a sick kid is no fun for mom. Plus mom isn't feeling so hot so we need a DAY OFF!!

Dallas has a sinus infection, Ty still has some goobers but seems MUCH better today and I just have a nasty cough... but man... CAN IT GO AWAY!

While I was getting Dallas appointment I decided to be ambitious and stop putting off the inevitable and make all our appointments for Tyler. Not kidding it was a TASK.

First up was calling the insurance company to figure out just what exactly we have coverage on, where, when and how.

The bonus in the situation is our insurance coverage is costly but amazing. We can get every specialist we had before ( minus our eye doc) and botox. Though it took some laughing at the insurance girl to get her to get it is not cosmetic ( haha!)

They have patient advocates that would call and get us appointments but they always take first available. Sometimes that is do able and some times I am not getting up at 8 to sit in clinic B. Clinic B is a disaster as it is... so I would prefer right after lunch.

Ty has an appointment with Dr. Walker ( neurosurgery) Shriners and that is 2 appointments plus orthotics so we will be there ALLLLLLL afternoon. We will see Dr. Gooch there and then we will see Dr. Gooch in her office ( sort of) Dr. Gooch does botox and rehab stuff. We will see Dr. Peterson for eyes and I am not sure about him. I have yet to hear anything and will have to see what Dr. Nagle has to say. We see a neurologist and our Pediatrician. All of these are spanning a month!

We are getting Speech set up and will be starting around the 13th of October. It should be on Monday sometime and will be a lot of work on mine and Dallas part but we need it. So sacrifice it is.

It is nice to feel a little more settled. Now I just need a part time job that I can help with our massive cobra payments.


carly said...

Dr. Petersen where? Wesley sees a Dr. Petersen at Rocky Mountain Eye Care. We like him a lot.

Melissa said...

Well good luck with all that. It seems like our lives revolve around dr appts unfortunatly. I hope you get going with all this and it all works out. And I hope Tyler does well through it all. Good luck!

Amber said...

Well it is so nice to know that I am not the only one having to take family to doctors appointments all the time. My brother has 3 different doctors that he has to see 1 or 2 times a month. My Grandpa has 4 different doctors that he has to see every 4-6 weeks. It has been a LONG time since we have had 1 week off of doctors appointments. I hope you all get feeling better soon. SLY!!!