Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random week with photos!

I have no idea what Grandma did to my baby but he has slept so well ( till tonight) and pretty much through the night. He has done better on the days he has had no nap and he wakes around 7 am. A huge cry from the 5 am!

Today he was so whiny by the end of the afternoon that I had him take his milk and blanket and lay with me on the floor. I was hoping it would just let him relax so he could get up and play. NOPE!! He fell asleep. As soon as he got his milk to his lips he pulled his blankie up and he was OUT!

Life is almost back to "normal." We have our last 2 therapies tomorrow ( our eye therapist and our speech therapist.) And this afternoon we have a delivery happening. Dallas and I purchased a new bed. We are so excited. I got one right before I was married from my parents but we are in need of a better one. That one has been great but we need a king sized and a pillow top. I was amazed at how expensive they were. I felt so blessed to not have to put it on credit. And I am even more excited to come home from work tomorrow and sleep in it!

Overall we have had a pretty slow week. Ty is as happy as ever. He is eating much better than he was on vacation. He is VERY opinionated lately and we have had to do JUST WHAT HE WANTS or there is no doing. He won't even eat if he hasn't chosen it to eat.

I promised a few weeks ago some photos of Ty, toilet paper and fun... so I am finally able to do it! Enjoy

This was the sweetest thing from the weekend. Lexi came up with Aunt Nicky to visit with Tyler. She wanted to help him walk so bad. She was so sweet. So she helped him walk to his walker so that he could walk. She also chased him and made him laugh so hard. She is the sweetest thing ever!

Ty was watching Tv on the Love sac at grandpa's. He thought he was a big boy! And the last one was another Horrible picture of me and a wonderful photo of Dallas.

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Kez said...

just so you know, that is not a horrible picture of you! but i shouldn't talk, i hate all photos of myself just about lol. but seriously, you look great :) it's nice to put a face to a name!

i love the toilet paper photo HAHA! gotta have one of those in every child's album!

karrie (matthews mom from scrapinpreemiepages)