Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My baby is 4

Grayson turned 4 on Sunday! I can't believe the little boy that we never thought we would have is now 4!!!

Grayson LOVES all things cars and transportation and all things fire trucks or police officers. So we decided that we would have a birthday party at the local fire house. We figured he would be a great party to have cake on the back of a fire truck. What 4 year old wouldn't love that!


The local fire station was amazing. They are a team of 4 there and they were all ready when we got there. They had a very busy morning so we went ahead and sang Happy Birthday FIRST so that if they got called out on a call, the fire fighters at least got to sing to Grayson.

After singing we went out to the fire trucks. We had a whole bunch of 4 year old climbing all over the fire trucks and listening to the fire fighters. The firemen talked to them about what they looked like in full gear. They answered any questions the little kiddo's had. And then they just went nuts on the fire trucks. 

Last but not least we just had a good time. We sang happy birthday one more time ( yes that was twice) and we ate cake and opened presents. We then left and I had no mess to  clean up. In fact, the firemen were so amazing, they had most of everything cleaned up before we were even done. We LOVED it. 

Grayson has had a great birthday. He LOVES Lego's and he got plenty of them to play with. Paw patrols were a plenty and best of all he got the CUTEST little thing named Shelby. She is a cute little Gray Tabby cat. She was rescued from the Humane society and she is beautiful and tiny and perfect for him and us. Within a few days, she was acting strange and we had to take her into the vet. After a round of antibiotics she is doing so much better and is honestly the perfect match for our family. 



We are so thankful for Grayson and what he brings to our family.  We would be missing a little piece of our family and we would be missing that one big piece. We are so thankful that He was sent to us when he was suppose to be. 

So Baby Grayson- In the words of your new favorite obsession, Everything is awesome.. You are awesome. You are the most important thing in the world to us! We love you Baby G

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