Saturday, July 18, 2015

Thank you Nike!

Dear Nike, 

A few days ago, I opened up my Facebook to see an announcement and an amazing video of a shoe that is coming out in your newest line. From a mom of a child with Cerebral Palsy and who frequently has to purchase shoes to fit over a pair of AFO's, I was thrilled to see that you partnered with a brilliant young man, and successfully put out a pair of shoes  that was marketed to a specific  and grossly underserved niche. OK. Let's be honest, it isn't underserved, it is NOT  served.

The only shoe of it's kind is in Europe and none of them are shoes that according to Tyler. " Make me have cool dancing shoes that can play basketball." They don't have nice, fun school shoes. But, even those shoes don't have the ability to allow him to "Do it by himself."  YOU- created     independence. 
Tyler has Spastic quadreplegia cerebral palsy. That means that every limb of his body has tight muscles that don't do what they are told to do, so basically the muscle misfires. Tyler is able to walk. But the gait he had is horrible. This summer we did surgery to correct those misfiring muscles. Even with the surgery, Tyler burns as many colories as someone running a marathon. But with the other issues, he sure doesn't feed his body like a Athlete!

As a mom of a child with CP, I don't expect him to run a marathon. I don't expect him to rule the world. But I do expect him to do his best. To be HIS best. To never give up. Tyler is not a quitter. He will reach every one of those goals.

You have truly lived up to your statement
" If you have a body, you are an athlete"

A true thank you, from the bottom of this Mom's heart, 
Thank you for making a shoe that will give my
son ind√©pendance and class and tell him he is 
just like everyone else!! 

Mom to the BEST KID EVER!!!

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