Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cast Removal

We got our casts off!! Hooray! The summer has been SO long. To top it off, Grayson is low on Iron. So the last few weeks have been extra hard.

We got to our appointment and got right in. We visited the casting room with Adam, the ginger casting dude. He was happy to see us with no more mold on our feet. He was especially happy that no more water was in our around our casts.

 And the saw was incredibly loud. Grayson was a bit not OK with them on his brothers legs but it was cool to watch them take it off. 
That is Adam, cast dude, cutting off the nemesis of our summer. We were hoping and praying that there was no more mold. 

When we got his casts off we looked at his STRAIGHT feet.. that is right. Straight feet! And then started pulling off the other gaze that we added on his REALLY gross feet. When we got to the tape, I knew some thing was wrong.  

 Casts off both feet. Steri strips left to look under. 
 The black stuff is the mold that left a black/green stain on his feet that hasn't  come off yet. 

The black/green is the mold on this foot as well. It hasn't come off. There is still some left on his skin.

This is where things got a bit interesting.  The steri strips were coming off a little and this gross GREEN thick stuff was all over his steri strips. Adam, the ginger worker, went to go get the doctor to come and take a look at it and yep. It was just like we thought.  INFECTION.......

 Steri Strips were taken off and it was GREEN 
 Iodine was out around it and we washed it off. It was still weeping really badly. 

This is what we are left with. A gaping hole in his leg that is nasty and gross and runs the length of his bony shin. 

We took X-rays an his legs look amazing. His X-rays looks amazing. The surgery looks amazing. But his sore looks awful. I asked if it was because of the mold. She didn't come out and say it was my fault but because I let him get moldy feet it IS my fault. So the mom guilt has set in. But I am the wound care lady. And that means I am the one that gets to rip off a band aids on his feet. It hurts him. It hurts him and it breaks my heart.

After our appointment we headed off to the Orthotic place that makes our braces. They put back on 2 casts... YEP another set of casts. And took them off - HOORAY! as fast as we put them on!

Tyler was pretty patient and Grayson LOVES this office. He has THE BEST little boy toys in the entire world. Grayson never made a peep for the entire time we were there. He was great.

It feels good to have his feet off and he does get to shower. But no scrubbing his legs. I pack his wound 2 times a day. He is on an antibiotics 4 times a day and we go back in a week. A week for braces and then a visit with orthopedics and hopefully get the clear to start walking again.

This has been such a hard summer for us. We are glad it is almost over!

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Elizabeth Calloway said...

I just googled infected steri strip and it was the first result in Google images. Was trying to see if mine had similarities before removal today (mine is for a panniculectomy). and so i do not know your blog but was wondering how his feet got moldy and why you blamed yourself and why they covered a wound up completely from a surgery and didnt just keep him on a few rounds of antibiotics because an airless, damp environment is perfect for infection when it comes to wounds. Great blog! Feel free to link me to other relevant posts it its a long story and you have the time.