Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It's not easy being green....

Ty's feet had a rough go for a few weeks. Something about his feet were making a HUGE stink. We could smell him clear across the room. They were so gross. We tried everything we could. We even put him in his cast galoshes and put him in the tub and SCRUBBED... But we might have made the problem worse.

A few days after the big scrub down the smell got even worse. With a phone call to a friend in Washington DC a little bird put a thought of infection into my head and I called the doctors office. The doctors office blew me off three times.  Finally the last time they decided that we could come in and they would take a peek and see if maybe his casts had gotten wet or there was infection. I told them the stinky foot was the one where we had done the most work on his feet and his tibia, but that didn't sway them to take me any more serious.

After a convincing 48 hours of waiting ( meaning I called and left a message and it took 2 days to get back to me) I was able to get them to agree to see us right after lunch. The cast dude came in and got us and got us started in taking off the stinky foot to see what was going on.

Dr. Emily was summoned and I joke with her that we smelled funky but come on in... and then the big reveal happened. Tyler's foot had gotten so wet that his foot had some how grown mold all over his foot. Not just mold but black and green mold. It was HORRIBLE.

This foot has the most work done and the most plates and stitches that are under the casts and I was horrified when I saw what was under the casts. So was the Doctor.  She admitted him to get antibiotics for the afternoon while we got his feet dried and scrapped. He was one mad dude. 

The white stuff is the wet feet stuff. The black stuff is mold and dried blood and the green stuff is mold. We cleaned around his incisions. We re taped his incisions and she inspected his foot. She rubbed antiseptic stuff on it stuff on it, waited for it to dry and the other foot was taken off. A small amount of mold was on the other foot and we started the process again. Grayson was there and I didn't get a picture of the other foot but did get a picture of them working on him. 

After about 6 hours we were able to leave and go home. Tyler was put back in casts for the remaining 2 weeks. He opted for Green this time. He said it was for Oscar the Grouch. Not sure that he was really aware that green was GROWING on his feet.  In 2 days we get his casts off and as soon as we get  them off we run down to our favorite orthotic people and recast ourselves for a few minutes while we get our new braces done. Tyler has to stay off his feet until we get our braces off, but we are hoping we are able to at least start moving a little.

At least now we can "legally" have a bath and enjoy a bit of bubble baths while we get ourselves ready for school in 2 weeks!!!

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Yikes! Get some antifungals.