Monday, June 29, 2015

Playing with Hydrocephalus

Since the beginning of the year I have been diving into lives of  moms of kids with Hydrocephalus. When I was asked to be the chair of the walk and I went back East, I met an incredible amount of mother's who have hydrocephalus first on their list of things that can go wrong in their lives. I has  forgot how cerebral palsy has engulfed us, and our life really does revolve around that, but Hydrocephalus is really a big part of our lives.

So with being the new chair of the walk, I get to have a whole bunch of stuff I don't understand thrown at me to get the walk off the ground. But what I did do, is meet a bunch of women and men that have amazing children who have hydrocephalus, and who want to see a cure. I am one of those women.

Over the past week I was able to meet with a rep from the Codman Shunt team. They came and talked to a support group that was recently started here in Arizona. So far the numbers are small and I would LOVE for them to get bigger and larger and more active here.But the small atmosphere was amazing for talking with the Shunt team.

We had a bunch of shunts and we were able to see how they were inserted and how they worked. We saw what the shunt cards look like and how long they supposedly suppose to be working. Each shunt placed has a rep from each shunt manufacturer there while they put it in. It truly is amazing.

Here are some of the things we saw that night.




All of it was super cool. It was amazing to see what was keeping my kiddo's head working. They also showed us how easy it is to get them clogged.


Please help those who are walking for a cure, find a cure. Bring more advancements to a well needed cause. We love our babies and want their brains to be able to be helped without the scare of shunt malfunction after malfunction!

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