Sunday, May 24, 2015

Orthotic Specialist- Bret

During the mess with Tyler's feet we went to get a temporary brace on Tyler's feet. We have the BEST place to go. We were first introduced to Bret and Barb when Ty was just a baby. Shriner's used them when we first started using outreach. They did our very first pair of Orthotics.

I called Bret and asked for ANTHING that would keep his foot from turning and making the foot worse and make him walk on the top. Bret quickly worked us in and we had a great experience yet again. We love them .

#nothingchanges #orthoticsspeacialist #lovebret #lovethelittle

#teamtylersmiracles getting his latest set of braces from #Bret #orthoticsspeacialist

The brace was temporary but we hope seeing these people last forever11

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