Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Laser Beams and the Aggie Doctor

We ran into the podiatrist that we have been seeing and have been doing a laser treatment program on his foot. We have been going much more frequently than the average person because we need it to close so much faster. We had exactly 2 weeks. We are not down to 4 days.

We saw some VAST improvement over the course of the first week. We are looking amazing today and have one more visit before our final appointments on Thursday and go in on Friday. But this week is looking to be a HUGE stressor. Did we mention Tyler is done with school on Thursday but he has appointments ALL day, so he is done a day early. It almost got our surgery to be rescheduled.

#dayone #daythree #pressuresore looks so much better

Day one and day three Pressure sore

#lasertherapy #lastone #muchbetter

The last day ( Thursday May 21st, the day before his surgery ) Trying to get it all under control enough to keep the surgery on the books. 

We are so thankful for Dr. Newswander that we keep going back. We will see him after surgery if we need to for any reason. He is a GREAT doctor!!

Biggest BONUS of all- He is a TRUE blue AGGIE- 

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