Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fun Friday- With Decubitus Ulcers on top

We try to make every Friday something that Tyler and Grayson can work toward. Usually it is a good activity like Bowling or swimming or some place or thing they have worked towards doing as a family. If he has days at school where he won't do anything or he yells ( turns out he yelled at his teacher and told her to shut up last week at school haha!) he doesn't get to do his fun Friday activity.

This last Friday we thought we would go swimming at a heated pool. He had to work for it. He almost lost it.... twice. And had I seen the paper that he yelled at his art teacher I would have said " Um no!!" but I didn't.

So after Shriner's Hospital we headed to the pool. We also picked the COLDEST day of the week to go but we had a good time. We took our neighbor friend, Sawyer. Grayson adores Sawyer and Tyler is a fish. He just goes and goes and does well in taking care of himself on the slides.

#pool #freezing

My sweet Grayson who just wanted to run and scream in his Paw Patrol Pants. 

#pool #funfriday #freezing

Tyler and Sawyer. Ty was climbing back UP to the little slide.

Tyler soon decided that the regular slides were not enough for him so he asked to go down the big twisty slides. So him and his worker, Ciera, climbed up to the top 5 times and and he went down and LOVED it! The water was not overly warm but it was heated. But it was only 77 degrees outside. For us Arizona people, that is COLD!! We were super duper cold. Once Ty got cold his foot instantly turned in and he started walking on the top of it again. He was dragging it and just walking wrong. I carried him a bit, and Ciera carried him a bit. 

A side note about Ciera-
Ty is amazing. He wanted to go up on the huge slides. So he climbed the stairs five times to go down. He got freezing cold but wanted to go in the other part of the pool. This is his worker. She has become like family. She cradled him and swam him around

Ciara joined our little family over a year ago. We made a schedule with her that worked for all of us. And for some reason we have embraced having her here and we feed her for dinner and we do our night routine after we all have had dinner. So we sit as a family with her. She prayers with the boys, she eats the food. She helps with the boys and she is fabulous with Tyler. She climbed into the pool with him and cradled him around and just talked to him and did all that he wanted to do.

I feel truly overly blessed to have her working with our family. In fact, we have always been blessed. The last 2, Kelsey and Brynne we have LOVED them as well. Kelsey was just in a place she needed no  extra stress or hours and Brynne needed better and different hours. But for Ciera we work for her. We have hired some help for Ciera this summer but no one can take care of Tyler like Ciera can .

After we got home from the pool. Ty said that his foot hurt, but we got dinner going and did our dinner thing and didn't think much of it

Mother's day weekend came and Dallas asked me if I had seen his foot. I said I had not. I didn't look at it till Sunday and I freaked OUT!! His entire foot is open and back up to worse than what it was 2  weeks ago.

So that brings us to the Pressure sore.

When Tyler's feet got cold, he started dragging his foot and he peeled off a good chunk of his foot. So back to the podiatrist we went. we was really worried about it. But we went in and they opted to fix it with a laser treatment 4 times in the next ten days to get it to close faster. We do Antibiotic ointment and some bandages, after school we leave it open air so that it can harden up. His poor feet are truly the only thing he complains about.

Round 2. New sore on his toe this is bad

This is the new sore. The Dry patch and the "spot" was the big one from yesterday's post!

So, this week we are praying that the wound heals fast for Tyler's foot. That we can do our best to keep it small enough that our surgery won't be postponed. 

I think we will keep our Fun Friday to bowling!

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