Monday, March 16, 2015

Phenol Injections

Phenol injections are kind of old school. ( Or so I was recently told) They don't do them in Phoenix. The last batch of Phenol was contaminated and so only small amounts are available when we do botox. Last round of Botox I was not a happy camper and I suck at being a mom so I avoided all surgeries until I couldn't put it off any further.

Phenol works longer, faster and better for Tyler. So we did it. The results are almost immediate. Tyler is also a trooper and was up going as soon as they would let him out of his room. He was discharged 35 minutes after he came back.

They came to find us to do discharge papers and Tyler was out doing just what he always does. He plays ball.

We got back to our Grannie's house and Grannie AND Grandpa were home!! Grandpa had been VERY sick AGAIN and we were so glad he was home. So the boys went and played doctor and hang out with the cool people and left me to my own thoughts of overwhelming proportions.

Grayson won't have a thing to do with his Grandpa in the hospital but at home he won't leave him alone!

We had to wait one day to make sure we were seizure free and so we were close to a children's hospital instead of in the air. And then we left for home!!!

Landing and watching for our dad

The surgery worked and Tyler is as loose as we can get him. Unfortunately his legs are not doing so well. We are looking at a larger and more invasive surgery and my poor heart is not sure it can do it just yet!

But we were glad to be home.

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