Monday, March 16, 2015

Frontier Airlines- Bad idea

Ok here is a PISSED off post.

911 happened. Right.
We all remember.
Big buildings came down, airplanes crashed. Airport security became INTENSE! Traveling with children is hard. It is not easy to get through security all alone with 2 kids. One of whom can't walk and the other of whom is 3. That just makes a target for pat downs and long lines and just pain and suffering.

So we convinced our Grandpa to take us to the airport and let us get there EARLY so we could eat and make it to the gate without having to worry. Getting through security is a horror story for us. Tyler always touches something he shouldn't. Grayson runs through it all. Our bag gets dumped. UGH..

So we get up to Frontier's counter and NO ONE WAS THERE. We had to wait for 1 hour for someone to come up and check in our bag and help us. We were also on their handicapped list and they wouldn't help us get through security. So off I went alone with my kids. And yep, we did get patted down. We got frisked and we had to run to eat and then run to catch our plane. BEST part. The mean lady in the bottom counter is now the one that helps us get on the plane. WELL, she didn't feel that we were "handicapped" and that I should be able to check my stroller at the gate without a big old fat fuss. Needless to say, I got on the plane PISSED off and crying. I was so glad we could go home to our dad!!

Frontier.... HORRIBLE customer service. HORRIBLE EVERYTHING....

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