Monday, March 2, 2015

Gait Lab {Shriner's Utah Trip}

One of the biggest reasons we went to Utah was for the Gait Analysis Lab. It was such a cool experience. They have a great lab there and it was interesting to watch.

We dropped off Grayson at Aunt Sheena's and he did SOOO good. He didn't cry, which is HUGE and he said he was going to be brave and he did. Sheena was surprised at how quiet he was when I was not with him. But he is such a shy little terror.

Dallas didn't get to come with us because he was already on his way home with a small stop at Scheels to see his grandpa's animals. ( His Grandpa's stuffed animals are on rent at Scheels! How cool is that!) 

Tyler and I got a burger at Shriner's and headed down to the basement to start the lab. It can take anywhere from 1-3 hours and it is not all fun and games. It was VERY cool to watch and very HARD to watch. Tyler was at an age where he did really well, but his abilities also make it very hard to be ok when things get hard. We had to get creative about how we got him through.

In a gait lab they have 2 physical therapists and a full time engineer. They video tape his gait. He walks back and forth for about 25 minutes on a matt and then they stretch, pull and prod at his little body to see how far his muscles stretch and how far they can get his stiff joints to move to.

The pT working on figure out how much he can bend and move and come to a correct position. This was really hard and someone ended up crying. And it wasn't them..... me and Ty did!

 The stuff on his legs were what the engineer was working with. Those things lit up as he walked. It was awesome!

After the lab we went to get Grayson, Headed back to our Granny's house and then had Nicky come over for dinner. 

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