Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas Day- Again

After the FaceTime with Grandma and Grandpa Labrum we started our normal night routine and got everyone in bed. I had taken the time to wrap MOST of the presents but we had a few last minute things to put together.

Before we went to bed we finished our very last ornament on the *Jesus* tree and laid out the stockings. We don't have a chimney so we just laid them out. Our Grandma made our stockings and we LOVE them. ( My 4 favorite christmas things are my icicles from my mom, our stockings, our Christ tree and my sister made me a Nativity)

This is our Nativity and our Christ tree. It is by far my favorite place each night!

Santa had done some last minute Christmas shopping like 3 days before Christmas so a few things needed to be wrapped. Oh and one night, while Santa couldn't sleep very well she ordered Christmas and all this STUFF came that I didn't realize I ordered. Ha! 

Every Christmas or birthday I keep thinking " Man I wish Nicky was here so I could pay her to wrap!"  But finally after years of practice and her not being around to pay off, I learned to wrap!

Grayson doesn't sleep through the night so I was hoping to be done wrapping before he got up and walked around the house. ( No I am not kidding about the sleeping through the night. ) He got up AFTER I put everything together. But as I was setting my camera and my remote, in walked the best picture opportunity 

This was on the back of the camera but it was PERFECT!!!

Tyler asked for very few things but his things were specific. Enjoying the spoils of the day!! 

We did get girl stuff for Christmas. Everyone loves it. The doc mobile was taken out and sent to the park as fast as they could get. They also wore their underpants all day!!!

Ther rest of the day was playing with our toys and making dinner and mushrooms and just being a family. It was GREAT. Our Grandparents were coming the next day so we were super excited to see them.

I never thought there was "enough" presents under the tree, but there was. I always think I do give enough to them, but I do. I don't require much to be a happy mom at times like this. There was plenty to go around.

This last year was nothing spectacular. Nothing fabulous and we just were here. Just like I like it. Drama ( mostly) free and surrounded by those who love us!!!

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