Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Vizio Fiesta Bowl - University of Arizona vs. Boise State

Last year was our first fiesta bowl. We loved it. We are not " follow every week or we will die" people but we thought we would try it and we liked it. When we were offered tickets again this year we gladly accepted.

Because we knew more about what to expect we didn't wear all of our "winter" gear and just wore our jackets. We knew the roof would be closed and so it was no big deal. But this year, we FROZE!! This year we were also not up in the upper bowl either. We were on the lower bowl in row 38.. That is right... 38!!! They were great seats. But the big doors for the smokers were behind us and we were so so cold.

Before the game we hit up a yummy Gyro/ Greek place to eat before we went to the game. It was so delicious. And I DID take a photo of our yummy food!

We headed in and got our seats and waited for the fun to start. Since it was a local team it was PACKED! And Boise isn't that far away so it was even more fun. However, sitting in the lower bowl no one wanted to sit down in front of us. 

The game was pretty good. However, we ended up leaving a bit early. Dallas has had such an awesome year that he has lost so much weight he has NO body fat to keep him warm. So despite our good time, we headed out and watched the last of the game in the warm. 

*Hopekids is an organization that provides us with amazing opportunities to go to games and events and fun activities for kids with disabilities and life threatening and one of a kind illness'. We are very thankful for the tickets and the fun times we have with them.* 

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