Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Break- Monday

Monday the kids had to go back to school. We were so sad. But we knew we wanted to play a bit. So we had one activity planned a day for while we were there. We got up and Grayson wasn't feeling so well. And he spent his morning throwing up. I was so frustrated. He has not been doing awesome the last little bit and his energy once we got to Utah really dropped. ( After we got home, the hematologist was a bit worried and he said that it was because of the elevation. So it wasn't a surprise)

We got him feeling better and we went to the park, where we happened to run into the Fire Marshall for the town. So he took us over to the fire house. Where Grayson was in fire man heaven. He was so excited. I was just hoping no one else would puke!!

I knew the fireman that belonged in the coat above and he was the smallest one of the group, so I put it on my kiddo. He was so in love. He loved it. 

We were sitting on the inside of the blue fire truck and we were trying to honk the horn. The fire marshall said you have to pull hard, so I pulled hard..... and broke the fire truck. It was awesome. I think I was Grayson hero that day. 

After we saw the fire trucks it was almost time for the kids to come home. So we went to grandpa's and hung out till the boys got there to play. My kids chased the naughty cat named Beckham, They loved it. 

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