Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 2: Sunday

Sunday morning brought on bouts of laughter and loving on Nicky's dog, Oreo. The kids ( Kayden, Koy and Lexi) were with their mom until later, and Nicky was still there to play with us. We took full advantage and after conference session we went to the local park at my moms.

My parents live in Small Town USA. I grew up there. My mom grew up there. Her dad Grew up there ( kinda) and it is LITTLE!! The local park, however, is KILLER. Nicky and my mom and I went down after the boys left on the side by four wheeler. The boys loved it.

At the park we played with Nicky's dog and had him chase the ball and since he can't drop it, Grayson and Tyler would run circles around him trying to get it out of his mouth. We were all laughing so hard.

During the second set of Conference, the boys played outside, non stop. Grayson also realized that my moms neighbor has a cat that is really fluffy. He also likes to be petted. But doesn't like to come with called. We also thought that there was a possessed cat. Turns out that Cat was Grandpa's and he loves Grayson.

Later that night, my dad went to pick up the kids and my sister left. My kiddo's took off outside to play with the cats. I went out to check on them and do my homework and they were missing. I got in my dad four wheeler and went looking. Sure enough, the boys were lost. They were right in the middle of a HUGE field full of piles of dirt. They were almost to the river. Luckily they were stuck.  They were crying and screaming to help! I saved the day by climbing over the piles and saving my kiddos.

The boys said they were looking for the cats and then they couldn't find the right place that was our house. In other words, a blind kid and a 3 year old can't find their grandparents house, that they don't visit very often. Thank goodness the town is little. And thank goodness they didn't get to the river.

The rest of the night was spent with Kayden and Koy and especially Lexi. I love them so so much!

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