Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Break- Tuesday

Tuesday morning was a early morning for me. I HATE early mornings. I hate early mornings even more when I hear mom and Lexi fighting over hair. OH geesh.. that is the dumbest thing to fight over AND I have fought over the same thing with my mom for YEARS. So I roll out of bed, SAVE THE DAY!! And fix the cheerleaders hair. Lexi has a big game to  cheer for and her friend needed her hair done too. YAY for nana ( that's me) for saving the day.

I went back to sleep... dang teenagers.

For our activity this day we had gotten in touch with the Museum of the San Rafael and my friend Tiffany who works there. We had set up a blind tour for Tyler. Which mean we could go in and get IN the exhibits and hold the bones of dinosaurs. It was defenitely a first for them and for us. No one lets us get any where near the exhibits. But it was so so so much fun .

We took Kayden and Koy with us. Grayson had fallen asleep so Grandpa was waiting at home for him to get up. Be had a blast.

Later that night we went to our very first  football game. It was the "big game" for the junior high and lexis last football cheer leading. We were so glad we got to see it. My boys were freezing and done by the time the game ended so we left a bit early. But we were super proud of Lexi. 

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