Sunday, July 13, 2014

My little baby is a Little Boy

July 12, 2011 at 4:46 pm our world turned upside down by a sweet little boy weighing in at 6 lbs 4 ounces. 3 years later at 25 pounds and more than half the height of the his older brother and is as spunky and stubborn as could be!

3 years doesn't seem like a long time. But lots goes on in 3 years. It goes by so fast. You look back and wonder where that baby went. Yet, you look at them and think they are still your sweet 1 year old.

Grayson's face hasn't changed much since his birth ( I don't think) It has come in and out as round and chubby. His hair has changed from red to Blondie and he has turned into a funny, funny kid, but oh he is a terror.
Grayson got #glasses but he pronounces it #asses I  am cool with it
( Grayson says Glasses like "asses" and I don't care.. I giggle)

There are so many things that make Grayson Grayson.  Here is the list we came up with today:
  • He is a momma's boy to the extreme. He sleeps with me still. Pretty sure if I still had a uterus and didn't spend time away from him in the hospital with a hysterectomy, he would still nurse. 
  • He is FUNNY! Today, after him being caught actually biting and chewing through rocks AND swallowing them, we gave him 5 laxatives over the last 2 days. FINALLY it was kicking in the SECOND grandpa came in the door. He locks himself in a room. When I get the door unlocked he said " mom I need my privacy, tell poppa I will be down in a minute!"
  • He is a terror!! He as some anger management problems. He hits, bites, kicks, destroys things in one sweep and if he is tired as could take down a nine year old and a fat momma. He slaps too. Oh he can slap.
  • He is a helpful brother. He always tries to make sure Ty is included in things. He goes with Ty everywhere. He tells him every night that he is his best friends and that he loves him. He even tells people that sometimes he falls cause he has "cerebral palsy but that is ok."
  • He tells us " I cuddle you" and will want you to lay down wherever you are and cuddle. He LOVES it. 
  • He loves to help cook and pretend play. He is just sweet.

There was such a huge hole waiting to be filled and he did a pretty good job. He isn't as much medical stress as Tyler but he is so typical that he is always on the go. Even with the desire to have one more and that I am missing one, I wouldn't give up this baby for the world.

( Now for the random photos of the year!!! My favorites~)


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One thing that has grown in the last year is my testimony of how much family means to me. There is so many things that we have gone through that has shown me that each one of the boys were in our home for a reason. My baby is perfect. He is going to great things. I am so thankful to be his mom and I hope as he grows older he keeps having a great relationship with his brother and that he will do his best to keep his sweet innocence for as long as possible.

He had a fabulous little birthday with just Tyler and Grandpa. His little friends were out of town/or mom is ready to have a baby. So we kept it low key, over "presented" him and watched him love on his poppa.

Happy 3rd Birthday Grayson!

Thank you baby Grayson for coming to our home. Thank you Grayson for being Grayson.

*Thanks Grandpa for driving 600 miles to come eat KFC and cake. It was well appreciated. We hope your flight home is fast and you can get back to grandma the old lady/naked grandma, and you don't worry to much about how much she misses you!*

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