Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Camp

This year we made the decision that Tyler needed to go to a summer program. We started looking at them last year and never did it, but given his current need for something to do, and for a schedule and because his abilities ranges from age 2-9. There are SO many things that people don't realize that he can't do. But our new worker is REALLY good at helping us get his goals met.

Summer program for Tyler didn't work for him to go all day but he is going for half the day. It has given us a structure for summer but it leaves time for us to do things together. The full day summer program was a traveling one and he wouldn't really work to do the movies and a few other activities so we didn't do those. But I am glad we opted for the every day program.

He loves it. He loves to go, comes home happy and makes friends. The place he is going is very big in the Autistic community so he is with a lot of autistic kids. But one thing about those kids, they become friends and stick together. Tyler has made a friend with a little boy named Daniel. Apparently they are totally inseparable at camp. He even drew Tyler a picture. Tyler talks about him all the time and Tyler has done really well at the camp. If school doesn't go as great this year as we would like, we might have to take a look at what they have to offer for school options as well.

Tyler has a friend at summer camp. His name is Daniel. He drew this for Tyler today. I love awesome kids #specialneeds #cerebralpalsy #seizure #lovehim

I have been impressed with his summer camp experience and am pretty sure that next year we will be going back.

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