Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

On June 4th 2005, Dallas actually showed up in Orangeville Utah where we were married at my parents little town. We had a great reception and we went to Price for our first night. And awkwardly enough, the town of price has 3 hotels and his Grandma and Grandpa were our Neighbors.  It was awkward.

Our awesome room had a Dumb and Dumber heart shapped tub, and I had a million and one bobbie pins in my hair. We ran and got food and brought home a pizza, and just crashed.

It was the start of the most emotion filled and hardest year of my life. It hasn't really slowed down and we have the WORST luck in the entire word. But we have made it.

One year late on June 10th 2006 we were sealed in the Manti Temple. Less than 4 days after our son had another brain surgery. The room was filled with supportive people in our lives and in walked my mom carrying my miracle baby into a room so he could be sealed to us forever.

Dallas was in San Fran and I was home but we went out, enjoyed some time as a family wile we waited for our dad to get home. But over all, I love my life.

 For eternity and beyond!!!
  • 284,169,600 seconds
  • 4,736,160 minutes
  • 78,936 hours
  • 3289 days
  • 469 weeks (rounded down)

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