Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June went fast!!

We are into July!!!! The hottest month of the year and monsoon season. Oh joy!!

A few months ago our landlord called to let us know that he has decided that he needs to put the house up for sale. We have been here for 2 years. We like our house. We love our ward, we love the school Tyler is in and we are just really comfortable here. It is a commute for Dallas but I do all the other stuff around and we are pretty comfortable where we are. The current neighborhood we live in is hard to find a place to stay. For example, the house next door was going to be vacant about the time we needed to move. Well, it went on the market for 12 hours and was rented.

But we were lucky and got a great and amazing house in our neighborhood. A one story!! 4 bedrooms, a small amount of grass,  and a park next door. I am SO thrilled to be in a one story. And we were so lucky to get it.

My new house #ihatemoving but I am getting a one story with four rooms. #onemonth Grandpa, send your truck.

This is my new house!! It is just across the street in the bigger "estates" from where we are and we are THRILLED to be there. It will be so amazing for us to have a one level. And for Tyler to no longer have any stairs. Carrying him up the stairs is just getting to much for us. 

So as of July 1st we have 15 days to pack before we can start moving stuff in. I have 2.5 weeks to get everything moved over and the old house cleaned. As soon as we get into the new house Tyler starts school. Our summer is quickly coming to an end. Super fast!

I am so excited for this house. I am so thankful for this house. I am so thankful for our ward and that we are on our learning curve to have Tyler be welcomed and things becoming more and more adaptive to the needs that he has. ( And a cute little girl just moved in, in a chair!! I almost ran her mom down with excitement that someone will be there that gets it!) We still struggle getting scouts adapted but we will figure it out.

A HUGE thank you to my dad who is loaning us his truck. Renting a pick up truck was insanely expensive. So he is driving his truck down for me. (With a 12 dozen Butterfingers donuts from food ranch ( I hope) ) He may have to come a day or so early but he will come on sweet big boy's Birthday. ( Yes my baby is 3!!!) and we bought him his plane ticket ( FYI Allegiant air in the summer is DIRT cheap if you don't bring luggage!) to get him back home.  We will keep the truck to work throughout the 2 weeks and then Fly my dad from Provo to Mesa ( seriously ALLEGIANT all the way!!) to drive back home.  Our ward his helping us the day my dad leaves.

We then get to clean and clean, get carpets cleaned and close this door in this summer house nice and tight.

Each new house we move in, comes with new ambitions to get through. My first one is to become organized to start. We accumulate just STUFF but I am learning to be less clutter filled. So we are dejunking and dejunking and selling and donating.

And the hardest and most permanent thing. I won't be taking a crib with me. Not even to store for the "next" time.  We have closed the door on baby hood forever. Moving into a new house, with no baby, but a big boy and his best brother.

Here is to a new place, new start, without starting totally over!!

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