Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mother's day

We kicked off our summer with Mother's day. We had a wonderful Saturday where I got to sleep in until I woke up. That is seriously the best thing ever and rarely happens. We try to allow each of us a morning to sleep in for 2 hours and then we switch on the weekends but I try to allow Dallas to have the Saturday because I can always take a nap on Sunday. So it was great!

Sunday I woke up and we went to church and stopped and got the mail on the way home.  In the mail was a cute bracelet from my mom with my kiddo's birthstones on it. It was beautiful. I need to remember some day to get it re sized but till then I will just look at it and admire them. It truly was so nice of my parents.

Gift from my mom @lorilabrum

The only part of having just 2 beads is knowing that there is a finality to it. The feeling of the last one not ever coming makes mother's day so hard for me. The years of infertility don't disappear. But seeing 2 and not just one was enough. 

The boys gave me a card that they wrote on themselves and Dallas and the boys gave me the BEST present EVER. 

Best hubby ever @kdbdallas

In the last 8 years I can count on ONE hand I have been away from my children. It just doesn't happen. Someone is always with me. So I get one night, in a hotel room, with no kids or husband. Where I can watch movies, have my own food and eat it warm and sleep... alone. Not sharing a bed with anyone and sleep in, until check out... which can be a late check out!! And Thanks to a amazing Friend, the newly remodeled Crowne Plaza will be my destination. She got D a great deal when I am ready to go (which won't be till mid August) but I am going to  LOVE it! 

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