Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nancy Brown Photography

I haven't done many past posts of my photography in a while. But after trying to get everyone discs, I thought I would share a few of the ones that are going out of my inbox.

Like I said in a few previous posts, I joined a group called The Photographers Adventure Club. I have had so many chances to take some classes and participate in some awesome photo shoots. Not limited to REAL models and awesome cars, to the most recent Blog SEO by an amazing wedding photographer Melissa Jill.  And we can't forget the amazing Michele Celantano and her posing class.

Here are a few I sent out.

I did a Great to be *8* photo shoot with 2 little girls. One was sent out this last week. But the shoot was even before the Michele workshop!

And of course some of my own kids.




I have 2 family photo shoots I did. They will be coming out as soon as the people get their files. And I shot a newborn last week. I can't wait for cool season and to really get out there. This Monsoon business is kinda a downer. It is hot and gross and humid. I miss the days of the park already and the days of lunch at Tempe Beach!

If you know of anyone in the East Valley interested in having photos at an affordable rate, please send them my way. If you know of anyone that needs them done in a Studio, I have one of those too!!

Also, if you are looking to improve your skills and learn more about photography and how to use your equipment or even how to do post processing. Sign up with the PAC!! In fact, I just saw Nicholas posting a new Lightroom class. Oh and a model shoot ( with a discount, if you bring a friend!)

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