Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Vaca Weekend

A few months ago my little sister ( who is 30 and has been taller than me since she was like 8) bought  and invited my sister and I to a concert know lovingly as " The Package." We were all super excited and we planned months in advance to all go.

The Package Tour included 98*, BoyIImen, and NKOTB. All little girl heart throbs for us. We were all very excited and it seemed so far away. Once July hit it came faster than expected. Due to some unexpected family dynamic changes, my older sister was not able to come and therefore her kids ( who Tyler ADORES and thinks of them as his siblings!) wouldn't be able to make it. But Aunt Nicky Poo/ Ti Ti and the rent's ( lovingly referred to in this house and grandma the old lady and grandpa the boy) would still make the 12 hour drive to Arizona and spend the baby's birthday with us,  and then go to the concert before they took off back to Utah.

All though the weekend didn't turn out quite like we had planned, we still had loads of fun.

Thursday was the day they were headed into Arizona. We did our normal week activities that included Speech therapy for Ty. Grayson was able to get a nap and we totally stalked my sister and the rents on the App "Find my friends." So we new JUST were they were at any given time. When they got to be super super close to the house, it started to rain. Ty wanted to go play in the rain and wait for them. But as luck would have it, the outside was still hot as Haiti and it was short lived and so was the rain.

As my parents came around the corner, Ty was outside waiting. Since he can't see, Grandpa made sure he knew he was coming and a few honks were honked. Ty was super excited. Grayson was still asleep but we knew that would be short lived.

Ty was in heaven having everyone's attention for a short time. Grayson soon woke up an the fun began. We didn't have anything planned for Thursday since we knew that it would be a long trip for the parents. But we did enjoy a lovely dinner cooked by ME!! (Don't die of shock and NO ONE got sick!)

We had glow sticks and glow in the dark bubbles that made my floor and everyone else glimmer in the dark. The boys had a wonderful time.

For our overnight time, Ty had a massively large sleep over with Nicky. They shared a bed and Nicky got to experience sleeping with a stiff board for the whole time she was here. Ty loved it. He wouldn't go to his room at all. Grayson, on the other hand, didn't want to sleep either so he ended up with me. Which makes for a long night and not much sleep.

Friday was Grayson's 2nd birthday. He got a present from Grandma and grandpa the night before. In which it was filled with lots of books of cars and tractors... His second favorite!

Friday morning Nicky gave him her present, which was a wonder woman airplane. He loves airplanes and I am a firm believer that boys can play with girl stuff so I loved it. Plus, when I was little my cousin and I sported the coolest wonder woman underwear/bikini set all summer, all the time. So bring on Wonder Woman.

We also had plans to go to the Phoenix Children's museum as early as we could. But we didn't get off to such a fab start. We had to drop off some stuff to the local church for a new missionary from my parents home town. Then we headed into Phoenix to start the adventure that Ty has been talking about for over a month.



Grandma fun #birthdayfun

The first part of the museum was a exhibit that Ty could climb on and Aunt Nicky had to do some chasing. I had Grayson and you can't pick up your kids in the exhibit so he was having a huge fit and crying and wanting to be picked up at the top. So down we tried to go.

Nicky and Ty had a great time and I am pretty sure Nicky got her work out on.

We did a carwash, a noodle forrest, painting, gluing, sensory stuff, hands on, grocery store and bakery.

After we bought some fun bath toys that turned into swimming toys.

On our way back home we got several severe warnings and started to go into a wind/dust storm.  I was certain that we would miss it but as we drove further East it kept coming. We took a detour and had to get off the road.

The stuff that actually GOT to us was miminal. But we did get some yummy food and pizza.

After we got home me and my mom and sister had to run out and do some last minute clothes shopping for my sisters first trip to Las Vegas. So we ran into Chandler and bought some clothes. I came home to cook and have a little cake. It was Grayson's birthday!

#frenemies #bestbrothers #ilovemyworld

#miracleshappen #ilovehim #myfavoritepeople #happybirthday #twoyears

Saturday we planned on going bowling at flip side. Ty earned it all summer to go. He has had to do chores and stuff to go. It is not a cheap place but we knew everyone would like it. So off we went.

We did mini bowling, and some arcade games and a big play place. It was great!!
#wherestyler #flipside

We had to all be split up here because there was some extra "stuff" going on so we don't have any of the grandparents together. Nicky was babysitting drinks, Dallas had baby and my mom and dad were in-between 3 of us.

After we got relaxed a bit, we headed to the pool. We took our new toys and had a great time. Our pool is perfect for the boys and it is just like a hot tub for the grandpa. It got cool and looked like rain was coming so we went and got in for the night.

Sunday was church and the concert. We have Such early church it is INSANE. But we made it. I thought I had sharing time, but I was off a week and we will do it next week. Gives me more time to think about it and procrastinate.

After church we took naps and Nicky and I headed into Glendale for the NKOTB concert. It was awesome. We had a lot of high stress and emotions and getting out of the house was a good idea. We had a blast. We really missed our other sister. She was left at home and we missed having her with us.  It was a great way to relieve stress.

Monday was the day we had to say goodbye. It was nice to see everyone but nice to be back to somewhat normal routine.

We are back to therapy for Tyler, and my respite has been here. We have OT today and speech tomorrow. And a morning on Friday of a play place.

We have a few appointments then in 2 weeks we are FINALLY back at school. We will be in the hospital for at least 2 days next month and have to miss a baptism in Utah. But we will come visit soon!

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