Monday, July 15, 2013

What a busy week

I don't have much information this week but thought I would stay  caught up. I hate being behind and I know some people enjoy stalking us, so I better give them content to keep staring.

We had a TON of appointments last week and way to much extra stuff that I was over my head. But as we took a deep breathe and relaxed we started to get a few things done.

Ty has finally gotten into therapy and we are in full swing with  ALL THREE all week!! We love it. We see his Physical therapist on Tuesday afternoons and his respite girl takes him. He loves it. He works harder if I am not there. We do have to bribe. Massively bribe.

Wednesdays we have Speech therapy in which we know that Grayson won't be getting a nap so we try really hard to wear everyone out and make it home ASAP! He gets to hang out with me at therapy and he doesn't love it. I think all therapy places need to offer sibling courses while we hang and wait.

Thursdays Ty's occupational therapist comes to our house. We LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I haven't done home therapy since he was a baby. We stopped having home therapy when he aged out of the Early intervention program. I love it. Not only do a get a few minutes of them playing and no sound in my house, but Ty loves it. The past few weeks they have worked on using utensils, dressing and playing angry birds. Not on a computer, but real angry birds. Grays likes to take advantage but mostly he just comes and goes.

This last week we had some horrible experiences that were turned positive by an outpouring of service. It was so wonderful to see something good come out of something SO BAD! It helped us look forward to our visit with our grandparents and Aunt Ti Ti.

We had some wonderful adventures with them.

Oh and I got my grove on.... LITERALLY with my old flames NKOTB and the fab Nick Leche!

Posts with photos coming up.

#potatohead #whatwedo #therapy #wishsomeoneofferedsiblingtherapywhilewewait

I forgot that we instagramed our therapy session. We did get a nap in because our therapy was done at noon. But it was not a long nap. But that is ok!

Next up, A birthday boy!

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