Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Pool

When we were looking at houses to move into we thought we would want a pool AT our house. While I still think that would be awesome, I am glad we didn’t get one this time. The upkeep would be insane and very costly. But we have 2 kids who can’t swim. But we did want a community pool.

As we looked and found the house we wanted we were even more sold on the community pool. We were sold on the close little park that is covered too. We were also sold on our house and the street. We LOVED our neighbors, but they moved. Our street is lined with people from our church. It is a good place for us.

Our neighborhood pool didn’t get a visit from us until this summer. We didn’t go over when we first moved here because it was August and we were starting school but this year, we have made it. Once a week!

Here we are, enjoying the pool:

My red headed, fair skinned, curly haired  Boobie baby!


He will find a plane wherever he goes, or he will compromise. 



Ty is doing really well and enjoying the water. We burn our feet when we get out but we have a good time. This particular day we ordered pizza and met up with the pizza guy at the door. The boys devoured the food and Grayson took a nap. 

Summer is heating up fast around here. So middle of the day swim trips are slowing down. Next week we will be doing all 3 therapies, and having some testing done at PCH. But otherwise, stress and crazy schedules included, we will be busy. 

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