Thursday, June 27, 2013

Helen’s Hope Chest

The United Way of Mesa has a non profit organization called Helen’s Hope Chest. It is run through donations of clothes, money donations, toys and toiletries donated by the community and local stores. It takes those donations and puts out the most up to date clothes, clothes and shoes in great condition and uses the money for new clothes in the most needed sizes. They open their doors to people who are in Foster care or kinship situations. The Foster/kinship families can bring in the children to go shopping for 5 complete outfits, including accessories and shoes for each child.

Many of the items are used but
Each child that comes for their first time is given a fabric bag a little bigger than a pillow case to carry their new clothes in. They bring it back for further visits. They also get a stuffed animal and a hand made quilt for each of them. Because they can come and shop every three months, if your birthday is within that time frame you also get a bran new toy. In the next couple of weeks a general backpack with school supplies are ready to be given out to the families.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the managers at Helen’s Hope Chest and was hired at the United way as an assistant manager.  It was a prayer answered and it allows me to get 8 hours out of the house where I feel as though I am giving a service while also being someone other than the mom. Thought I get the manager part of things and have more paper work to fill out.

I am so thankful for the chance I get to have such a small job that helps financially and allows me some self identity time.

If you ever feel the need to do a service project or want to give things to Helen’s they have some huge needs. They are always in need of NEW underpants in the package for all sizes along with socks. Sometimes these kids are literally sent out the door with nothing.

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