Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Movie Night

Tyler has not once seen a full length movie. He has seen Winnie the Pooh but spends half the time throwing stuff and not paying attention. He has seen a few hour long Sesame Streets or Barney’s but not anything that is “plot worthy.”

We have been trying a lot of new things lately and trying to do things all together. He mentioned one night that if Ty earned a certain amount of tokens we could pop popcorn and turn on a movie. We thought of both kids interest and came up with Car’s. But I was a little concerned about the time it took to watch Cars. So we decided on the second best, Mater’s tales.

We put out a blanket, popped popcorn and got them
 all set up.

After taking a million photos so we could blog  have them for posterity and to remember the good times  we realized that Ty was not going to be able to lay on the floor and watch.




So we rearranged adapted our original idea and it worked It seemed to work best for him and Grayson loved it regardless. That is one obsessed child.

Things we Adapted to make it work:

  • First and foremost, we tried something new. It is SO hard to try something new. 
  • We put pillows down but quickly realized it wasn’t going to be close enough or comfortable enough so we pulled out an extra pillow AND a bean bag chair. 
  • We all sat down and all talked about the movie and how it works. 
  • We stayed excited, even when we could tell it was getting a little to long. 
Things we plan to do next time: 
  • Try a movie he is interested in. 
  • Do it more often. 
  • Make sure we are all a little more comfy
  • Just enjoy.
What things do you do that require you to adapt, but your family has loved doing?

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