Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Plane Ride From Hell

Our plane ride to Utah was EASY EASY. The hardest part is just getting Grayson to leave Tyler alone. He really likes the window and looking out but Ty was on the window side. I don’t know why he always sits there. He can’t see out. He has no idea what he is looking at and would RATHER just watch his shows.

The getting through security in both places is always such a challenge. They have to test all of Ty’s medications but I don’t dare risk not having them in our carry on. This time I also decided to put the Ipads in a different bag than the rest of the stuff.  Plus I also realized that real snacks don’t have to be purchased AFTER so we were good to go.

So after a SUPER duper long long long week, I was really hoping that the flight would be uneventful. My dad was able to help me through the security line and got us to the other side. It is nice that Utah allows us to have an extra person if we aren’t using them for our Handicapped pass.

We get to our gate just fine and grab a burger and again, everything was fine so I really thought we had this one in the bag. As we went to our gate so we could early board I set Grayson down so that I could explain Ty’s needs to the lady. We get a pre -board disability pass so that we don’t hold up Everyone one the plane and we get as close to the front as possible. We found that the front seats have extra room for your feet but they don’t let you have a carry on close by. It has to be stowed so we go as close to that as possible.

We got on behind an older lady. She was super nice to start the trip. I thought we would have an empty seat but a cute girl named Kelsey got on. She was so nice and Ty charmed her to pieces. She even helped him count down and helped with his drinks.

As we got up in the air all of a sudden Grayson FLIPPED OUT! He was doing fine while we were taking off and I thought he would be settling in for a nap. He started that way and then started to scream. He screamed for the next HOUR AND A HALF. He bit a whole in the seat in front of us, he would bang his head against the window, he was scratching and pulling my hair. He was grabbing at my face so hard that he was leaving marks EVERYWHERE. I was mortified. I keep imagining that someone took a YouTube of what was going on. So as I was doing all I could to get this kid to calm down he stood up to take another shot at the seat and he GRABBED he ladies hair in front of us. She was a African American women and had super thin hair to start and he is RELENTLESS. I felt so bad for her. Her hair was entangled in his fists and I was about in tears.

I finally started to get him calm and the only thing that was working was letting him grab my hair and pull. So I let him. He was pulling and pulling and biting out chunks of it. It was horrifying and I start crying.

The flight attendant came to see if there was anything she could do. I said no and was getting help by the sweet girl tat was sitting by Tyler. I as able to pull out a container of Benadryl and I dosed him RIGHT UP! Within in ten minutes he had calmed down and he was fast asleep by the time we got to touch down.

They happily let us off the plane as one of the first ones. I seriously thought that the rest of the plane was going to clap for joy as we left. I was in tears as we were waiting for our stroller to be brought up. Grayson was OUT, thanks to the dose of benadryl that we got in him.

We cruised through the airport to see our dad. Oh Man! He was a site for sore eyes! After his scary car accident that week and some unmentionable issues that arose in Utah I was ready for my husband to give me a hug.

We got our luggage and headed to our car and back to the Valley of the sun. Dallas was awesome enough to remember to have gotten Easter Baskets out and filled and ready. The boys LOVED everything in them.  We were so glad to be home. We took a few minutes to just play and be together and then we started on the normal stuff, laundry and dinner. It was a perfect end to a long week. As husband and wife we were desperate

It was a perfect sunset that night and we were all snug in our beds. We came home to a feeling of love and peace.

This is our home.

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Grandma Labrum said...

The time with the kids was wonderful. Loved it.