Monday, April 15, 2013

A service Project to Help Heal

A week or so before we left for Utah I was able to perform a service for a very sweet family that I had randomly run into. There as a link from my blog to hers and I followed it.  Then I saw a bunch of random stuff for fundraisers after I found her blog.

Jennie ( the mom) was diagnosed with placenta previa AND placenta acreta. Not only was she at risk for losing her son, this was her ONLY son. She has 5 girls. She was put on hospital bed rest for a LONG time. ( I think 8 weeks)

She knew she would deliver early and she did. Her son was in the NICU. I offered to take some NICU photos. For those that know me, I am NOT the best at the NICU and was not sure what possessed me to take them. But it was so healing to me.  I realized that I can do hard things

Here are some of my favorite photos.

*Disclaimer: PLEASE do not steal these photos. They belong to me and Jennie. If you want to use them for any reason, please contact me at*

The last one is one of my favorites because technology REALLY did improve this families ability to enjoy their little man. The dad was home with his kids and they all had some kind of bug and the IPAD was able to let them all see what was going on.

This was such a great experience for me and will probably add it to my list of things to offer. I hope you enjoy.

Oh and one a NICU mom always one. It almost felt like I was back in a time and I knew what I needed to do. I think they turned out pretty decent. You?

Next up: IEP and DDD. what a LONG day!


Jennie Plastow said...

I love looking at these. They just melt my heart every time I look at them! You were our miracle that day. Thanks so much for helping us cherish his time in the Nicu. We are hoping to have him home this week. It has been such a long, rough few months. We are so thankful for people like you who helped it be so much easier. You are an angel my friend! You really helped me heal that day. You are my miracle!

Grandma Labrum said...

I have heard that statement so many times lately: I can do hard things. I read a book about it last week that really inspired me, and when I go do my exercising, I think the same thing...I can do hard things. Makes you feel good doesn't it? Nice pictures! I am sure she loves them.

Grandma Labrum said...

Those silly words to show you are not a robot......self-correction doesn't help! Here I go again! Hope I get it right.