Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Last of the Trip

Thursday and Friday were nice and full of Labrum’s and Gales. Well like Ti Ti pants and grandma and Grandpa Labrum. We got together Thursday but nothing to report really, just that I was glad it was over. But Friday was a BLAST. I left totally exhausted.

We figured we would go to a pizza buffet that had an arcade and bowling and best of all RACE CARS! This also meant that Grayson was going to be in Car heaven and Ty would be in bowling heaven.

When we got there, we found the toddler area and it had a car that Grayson could drive. It was perfect. There was a carousel and mini golf and the best of all the game, GO CARTS!!

We waited in line for the go carts and Ty and I were able to drive. He was in HEAVEN. It was so, so much fun!




Saturday we went bowling with the Browns and then came home and dyed Easter eggs. I thought my boys would LOVE LOVE but they only loved it. Ty only kinda liked it. But Grayson loved it.










Sunday found us having breakfast with Grandma and then heading to the airport. Grandma and Grandpa Labrum were dying to send us off as were Grandma and grandpa Brown but either way we made it.

The air plane ride deserves it’s own post.

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