Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Fun Part

While we were in Utah it wasn’t all meant to be doom and gloom and sadness and surgeries. Our whole plan was to do the surgery and happily play the REST of the week with every person that we could pack into our lives that loves us and we love them.

Wednesday was the day that I was planning on going to UVU and U of U to get my transcripts and get them sent to ASU. You see, I am going back to school. I have about a year before my bachelors is complete and I am aiming towards the Physician Assistant schools here in Arizona. I have passed all the classes needs, my GPA doesn’t suck and I need to do 2 classes and take the GRE as I apply around. So that is our “goal.”  Well, that didn’t work out to get to the schools. Do to some poor management of time I ended up doing nothing that day until my mom and dad got up to the city.
Us at Grandpa Browns. Ipads were the BEST invention in my entire lifetime. THANK YOU STEVE JOBS!

We pulled into my sisters house and I just started crying. I had had a very emotional 2 days and between Tyler’s  surgery and the accident back in Arizona I was a mess. Just low, low. My dad had been invited to a basketball game with my brother and his two cute M and M’s. We were hoping that his wife would come down with the other 2 boys, but they didn’t. So, we all packed up into 2 cars and went to Chuck A Rama Buffett. ( and eatting at a buffet ensured I could eat my feelings:) )That way I didn’t have to worry about finding food for my kids, neither did anyone and my kids are insanely picky and loud and crazy. So why not let them go someplace that had room enough and people enough to make sure no one died!

We had the BEST time. I LOVE my sisters. Holy crap are they insane people. We are like every other family and we have sister fights and we are mean and terrible sometimes. But at the end of the day, we have all three come to realize that we are sisters. We only have each other. And my mom was there.. laughing harder than she has in a long time. My kids LOVE her!

On top of my awesome sisters, Tyler was the lively hood of the party. He has a wonderful song about Becky. He will sing it if you ask him.  Her name is Becky from Sir Mix A Lots “I like big butts song” and that song is his favorite to start singing in public. He has so many things he says that just makes everyone giggle.

Every time someone would ask him to stop, he would say “ Hammer time” or “Stop collaborate and listen.” Just making the rest of us bust up longer.

After dinner we dropped off my sisters kids and we went to Nicky’s house. We were lucky to catch a glimpse of M and M before they were dashed away to Logan. We sure miss them, when we are all together. Little Max is my best friend. I love that kid. His little sparkle in his eyes really just melt me.  And I REALLY miss my Brother a lot. He is such a smart and loving guy. He has helped me so much and been a great inspiration for wanting to go back to school and excel. He is a great guy.

It was getting late, and so my sweet dudes were ready to go to sleep. Nothing horribly exciting, just emotional. But I was exhausted and needed a good nights sleep.

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