Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A day to remember

As most of you know our family is LDS or Mormon. Most who read this blog are probably family or stalkers. But either way, we are what we are! While we were struggling with infertility we had a family member and their family that also struggled with it ( and still do.) While we have and will have infertility issues, we have/will be coming to a conclusion in NOT adding MORE children to our home, but the other family is well on their way to wanting to be the Duggar's ( ok not really. But a few new people would be nice!)

While our pregnancy was very difficult for them, around May they received a call that they had a baby waiting for them and to come pick him up. They lived across the country, but drove to get him. Sure enough a baby boy was VERY welcomed into their family and into OURS. We love this little boy.

I don't think I prayed more for another person to have a baby than this family. Honestly, when we had exhausted our begging for a baby for us and we found out about Grayson, I turned my begging for this sweet family. I was so happy that he got here before Grayson and that he was going to someone who truly wanted him and loved him before he got here.

Baby Isaac was officially a Labrum on December 7th. Though he was ours the second he was born, legally he is a Labrum. Over the Christmas break Dallas and I were able to watch them be sealed as a family. ( An ordinance that we do in our sacred Temples. Feel free to ask or request Missionaries to your home to discuss/invite/convert/baptize/) ( PS.. I was NOT kidding.. click to have some nice 19 year old boys or girls come teach you!!)

The look on my brothers face as all of his children were there in a sacred room to be told that they are a forever family no matter what is and was amazing. His sweet wife couldn't hold back the tears as a child that was so wanted came right on in, happy as could be.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with them. It was an amazing experience with such sweet and cute little bugs!

It doesn't happen often enough but I do have a testimony of the Gospel. The experience above happened to us when Tyler was not very old. Having a piece of paper that says him and Grayson are Mine not just for Time but for all eternity is priceless. It makes me so happy to know that they are entrusted to me. I know that they are mine. I know that the sealing power is true.

A big heartfelt thank you to the Birth mom of sweet Isaac and for what she has done for us, them and for Isaac. Thank you!.

To learn more about my awesomeness brother go HERE. His wife journals their life but their adoption and fertility journal is in there too.

Their adoption agency is here. And if you have lots of questions Chantel ( the awesomeness that makes my brother) is always open to answering them.

Oh and I wasn't kidding... Please have a representative of the LDS church come over. It is totally cool. Just be nice. Offer them lemonade or something.

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Chantel said...

Wahoo! Thanks for the awesome post!! It was WILD here, but we were so happy to have everyone here. Thanks for taking the time to be here :)