Friday, December 9, 2011

The Aftermath

The aftermath of the storm has been horrendous but seems to be hitting a good spot.


Tuesday was HORRIBLE with vomit every ten-20 minutes. From other reports of this nasty bug recipients we were lucky he was dehydrated enough that it wasn't coming from both ends. HOORAY for us! He was snowed from the seizure drugs, snowed from the seizure and vomit made for one sad little boy.

He went to bed about 7 and slept till 3 am.

Wednesday at 3 am Ty woke up and said mom it is time for me to go down stairs. I got up and was realizing that I wasn't feeling so hot so Dallas went while Grayson slept. I went down when Grayson got up, made some breakfast and realized it was NOT going to stay down. Dallas went BACK downstairs and held the fort down till about 8 when Grays was hungry. I dealt with all that stuff and we slept off and on till about 11. Took a anxiety pill and TADA all better. Ty was MUCH better and we ventured out later in the day.

The adventure went south QUICKLY. We got about 15 minutes into it and Ty got super anxious. He started just repeating " We go home now." We got in the store and we were the only ones there and I tried to get him distracted. Didn't work. For the whole time we were in the store he was scared, sad and anxious. We got home and got him settled. D went and played a lacrosse game so I did the honors of putting them to bed and he did great. He likes the idea that he gets to sleep with us but in his own bed. I have even asked him if he wants to go into our bed and he says " No. I sleep right here in my mickey mouse bed in Your room." So far, the right choice for us.

Today MUCH better. Ty was up at 6:30 but Grayson had a blah night. Ty asked for food, ate a LOT of food. Took his meds. Was a happy camper and seemed back to normal. Grays was pretty normal. Not a great napper.

Tonight.... Dallas has the aches. He has slept since 5 and just says he doesn't feel good. I am guessing we didn't miss the boat and we are in for a long day tomorrow. I hope if I am going to get it I get it on Sunday when he doesn't have to work. But for now, hand washing central.

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