Saturday, December 10, 2011


We are doing what we can to give Ty the best experience that his over protective and germaphobic mother will allow. So we opted to go to the Labrum's family party. Lots of us, mostly adults with a few babies ( all born pretty close to each other!) and otherwise just good old "old" people.

A tradition that I don't know when it started NOR do I want remember some of them, but Santa came to visit. Dallas and I geared up for the storm. But the storm never came. Santa came with his wife. Mrs. Clause so he knew this was really Santa. He kept telling me that it was Santa like on the train schedule. He sat on his lap. Told him his name and that he wanted movies. ( Movies we haven't' bought yet... better get on that )

We are hoping to get to thanksgiving point to take a few photos this week of the boys with Santa to give as gifts.. if not. Then we are going to suck at Christmas cards.

Overall, Ty is doing great. We see a few things I want to talk to the neurologist about and see what we can do about things. He has a one track OCD mind and he has anxiety. In hopes we can see what is going on .

PS.... Tyler gets to MAKE A WISH!!

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