Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Grayson!

I finally have a chance to sit down and write a little. I stink at actually recovering so now that I have overdone it, I have some time to sit and watch my 2 boys and fall in love more and more.

On Monday we had a bunch of errands to run and I had gotten our time for our C section. It wasn't scheduled until way late on Tuesday so I took Ty out to lunch and D took him to get his haircut. We played outside and I honestly left so much to be done on Tuesday. But I had all day so no biggie.

Tuesday morning I was enjoying a morning snack of snap peas and the hospital called and wanted us there at 1:00 pm instead. They checked to see if my snap peas were going to be a problem and to tell me no more fluid. I hadn't had a glass of water yet so I took a phenergran and that was all the fluid I had since 10:30 the night before.

We go to the hospital and waited for what felt like forever. Grayson always had some issues staying on the monitors. If you put a monitor on him you could bet he was moving to my back to keep himself off. No exception this time. I was having contractions but nothing frequent and they knew I wouldn't have made it much further. The progesterone was taken an extra week to help him stay one more week. Finally, the anesthesiologist came in to do my IV. Because I was so dehydrated the nurse couldn't see or feel the veins, they waited for the "main" dude. He missed. 3 times. Finally I had a IV placed in my upper arm. It was out of the way but it didn't last much longer than my section.

I was wheeled in to the OR and Soon after a baby was born. Grayson was born at 4:46 pm. 9 whole minutes from the time they made the first cut. He weighed in at 6 lbs 4 oz. And was 18 inches long. I had a lot of scar tissue to go through but the sound of him crying was so amazing.

I turned to Dallas and we both kinda smiled and off D went to go with Grayson. They brought the baby back in. He was screaming the whole time he was getting weighed. He had amazing apgars and did so well. It was the best sound to listen to while I laid there.

After they brought him in I sent Dallas to stay with him. He needed to go to the NICU for Cpap but they didn't say anything to me until a while later. I was so sad. I thought for sure that we were in for a stay. I was wheeled out of surgery and into recovery where I asked obsessively for updates. Before we left to go to mother and baby we went into the NICU. It was so surreal being the ginormous baby in the NICU. When I saw him he was off the Cpap and off oxygen and just waiting to be released.

I went into my room and soon after my mom and dad were there hoping to see a baby. They brought my big baby with them so I was glad to have him there. He kept asking me if my ankles were broken. He really lighted my mood. It was taking forever for them to bring Grayson in because he was released right around shift change so I kicked everyone out to go to the nursery while I pumped.

It was still awhile before he got back to me but when he did I was SOO in love. Dallas gave him to me to try and nurse but that was kinda a bunk idea. So Dallas and the nurse gave him his first feeding by him sucking on D's finger. Half of the night was spent with Dallas holding our sweet new baby. He went home around midnight and the rest of the night was spent with me holding him. I didn't want to give him back. I had the hardest time sleeping and didn't get any sleep. I just was so uncomfortable that I just couldn't sleep.

As soon as my epidural wore off I was out of that bed. By 3 in the morning I had gotten up and walked around my room. The catheter was out by 5 and I had a nice walk around the halls around 7.

My mom was there that morning to see me and finally get to hold Grayson. Dallas and Tyler came and then my sister and brother were there to see us. They soon left and my mom took Tyler home where everyone played and Dallas and I were there. At that point I was pretty sure that Dallas was totally in love. We wanted this baby for so long that it was amazing.


I was able to go home really quickly. My doctor was really amazing and knows about Tyler and I really wanted to get home. Ty loves talking about his brother but not touching him. Having him in the hospital was hard and having me gone at home was really hard. My mom also got a horrible infection in her leg and it was just easier for me to get home. So he said that as soon as I felt ready that day I could go. I thought about stretching it out till later in the afternoon but I was ready to go.

The recovery hasn't been much of a recovery but the best part: I feel pretty good. After the whole disaster from before I was very nervous. But I have felt really good. I have pushed myself to hard the last few days but today I took it way easy.

Grayson is doing really well. He is nursing like a champ. He has his nights and days messed up and I end up feeding all night. He is still really little but didn't lose any from the hospital. He isn't at risk for jaundice either. He is such a small peanut.

Overall, the pregnancy and birth was just what we needed. I would have stayed pregnant longer if I could. Going into the NICU to see my baby was the hardest thing I had to do. Having him with me was the most amazing thing. Having him come home with me.. totally priceless.

He has healed a lot of wounds. Some still are there. But he is a great baby and a great start. He is amazing.


Amber said...

WELCOME GRAYSON!!!! We are all so happy you are here. You have been much prayed for and wanted. I can't wait to meet you.

The Henrys said...

Congratulations Nancy, Dallas and Tyler! He is beautiful and precious and I am so happy for you all! I think he looks like Tyler!

Madeleine said...

Congratulations to the entire family. I am so happy for all of you. I had been praying all week that all was well. Baby Grayson is beautiful. I can't wait to show Spencer the new baby, he already thinks he knows Tyler.
All our love from Miami,
Madeleine,Javier, Spencer and Scott

~NICKY~ said...

I love Grayson! He is so sweet!

Lynette from Germany said...

Congratulations! Grayson is just gorgeous. I wish you lots of happy days ahead with your boys!