Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mousekabunga Dude

I follow a lot of craft blogs. They always have such fun and nice and pretty stuff. When we have a party, I would love to have all the fun decorations and perfection in one place. But my craft side is pretty lacking in superiority. But creativity and love is where it is at... RIGHT?

The new Jake and the Pirates show along with a few Mickey Mouse and our small obsession with the beach makes this craft a little on the fun side. Though what would really rock is getting to go to the beach, on a cruise and with Pirates and Mickey Mouse. ( What a "Wish")

With all the extra large boxes in and out of this house I got the MOST brilliant Idea in the entire world and decided to free hand draw a surf board and cut it out for Tyler The Professor. THEN I thought I would paint it all amazing and stuff. You know, pretty chevron lines, a name, a few pictures.

I showed Tyler the surfboard and he got SUPER excited, until I took it away to paint it. I used the last of my red spray paint ( which by the way I have not spray painted anything red to even have it here but whatever) and after it dried Tyler and I painted said Chevron stripes and Tyler's name and a few pictures that Tyler chose on his own. A piece of art work if EVER I saw one.
Mouskabunga Surfboard
TOLD YOU that it was totally amazing and craftalicious :)

Then, of course, trying out the said Surfboard. That is the best part. Ty and I watched an episode of Jake and the Pirates. Ty taught me how to surf then we went and shared the endeavor with Daddy. We put the surf board on mommies bed and taught Daddy how to surf.

Step 1) Put your feet RIGHT like so. ( Ty tells himself this as he sets his board down)

Step 2) Bend your knees.

Step 3) Hold your arms out and Catch a wave. Mousekabunga!!


Catch a wave.... and MOUSEKABUNGA DUDE!
* photo disclaimer... IPHONE photos... and dirty bathroom. I hadn't gotten that far.. Judge if you want.. we were busy surfing :) *

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