Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday- Labor and Delivery

We had a full week planned. We had our appointments at the beginning of the week, a play date and then a day of Social security interviews for Tyler. I went to our Social Security appointment and I got to the office and realized I had left my ID at home. Luckily, they ask enough questions about who you are, what you are doing, and who you are involved with that you don't really "need it." But what I didn't anticipate is that the gas light would come on and I would have to stress the whole way home that I wouldn't have to run on batteries.

After the hour long interview I started home. I knew I would be OK but I was having some nasty braxton hicks or what I assumed were BH. I got home and sat down for a while and then let Dallas know what was going on. He sent me upstairs and I tried to nap. I don't think I ever actually fell asleep. I wish I had. Since they were kinda hurting ( I have a really high pain tolerance and I know I do) I decided to call the doctor and talk with Labor and Delivery.

They told me to go get in the tub, drink 32 oz of water and if they go away then we know it isn't real. If they go away until I get up and move then call them back. I took a long bath, laid down and went back downstairs. As soon as I got up they were back. I did a little bit of picking up ( by sitting down on the floor) and got to the point where they were every ten minutes or so.

I called Labor and delivery back and was told my doc wanted me in. Apparently I am on the high risk list... duh! I called my sister and asked her to come down and I went to labor and Delivery in Provo. As soon as she got there D left to met me. I went to the ER and they sent me right on up. Being pregnant and having contractions is almost as fast as having a shunt card!!

Labor and delivery was not very busy so we got right in and on monitors. I always worry about being to paranoid so I was almost sure that I would get there and they would laugh and send me home. But sure enough I was having contractions and Grayson was responding to them.

His response was pretty normal and he would increase not decrease and so they wanted to see if I was dilating or not. That would be the factor for us. I was checked when we went in and I was at a 1. Which is where I was at 25 weeks so I knew they weren't doing anything major yet.

Monitoring went on for a little over an hour and I was rechecked and still no change. A minor .5 change wasn't enough to anything big. So they called my doc. He opted to send me home, get me some drugs and start steroids. So a dose of morphine and phenergran was sent up along with my first dose of Betamethazone.

Since it was in house it seemed to take forever but soon enough they were asking which cheek. The part of the pregnancy shots I am not loving is that they are all in my bum. So one shot in each cheek and then the stuff that I get once a week leaves huge welts and bumps. But all in the name of safe babies and great lungs!

The morphine hit late in the night and I had a rough night that wasn't very rest full. Ty had a rough night but did sleep in a little later than normal and D has been awesome today. The Morphine left me a little bit feeling like I was snowed for a while but I was able to take it easy and go slow.

Tonight, we had the last trip to get the last shot. I feel so much safer having them in my. Knowing that I can have Grayson any time and feel that I have done all I can. Interesting enough, I had 5 whole contractions all day, the morphine didn't make me sick and I felt so much better. Grayson has been very calm today. He has had the hiccups and has moved enough I am not worried.

So many emotions as we start to count down the days.

1o days to go!


Cynthia said...

I'm so excited for you to have a big, healthy baby! That's all I wanted from pg #2 and what I got- in the form of an adorable nearly 8 lb. girl. May Grayson be born big and healthy and strong. You've done a FABULOUS job! You're almost there!

singedwingangel said...

I know that this is all new territory for you.. praying Grayson holds out for due date and is healthy and strong..